My Story


WildRock Co. is a true expression of creativity, inspired by nature and the beautiful turquoise Mediterranean sea.  As someone who loves to create and loves nature's fundamental elements, it only made sense to use these precious metals and gemstones to create everlasting heirlooms.

Growing up I had a strong connection to mythology and so Greece was the perfect place to focus my passion.  Born and raised in Canada, I had the opportunity to study goldsmithing at George Brown College in Toronto.  I always knew that Greece was where WildRock Co. would truly shine.  I packed up my studio and moved WildRock Co. from Toronto to Crete, where I now design and create all of my custom jewellery.

I believed in my dream with hard work and determination, and am now lucky enough to work in my inspirational studio, on a stunning island surrounded by the magical blue sea.

I am home.

Wesley S.