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WildRock Co. offers several jewellery experiences all located at Manousakis winery in Vatolakkos Chania.  Depending on your timeframe, and desired skill level you can choose from a 4-hour Sand-Casting workshop for you and a group up to 10 friends, or even a wedding party.  Next, we have an 8-hour wax-carving experience.  This workshop takes a total of 8 hours but is split between two 4-hour days with a minimum of 5 business days in between your two classes.  Lost-wax-casting is needed for this workshop hence the 5-day break.  Medium detail pieces and a completely custom experience is achieved with this experience.  Finally, a 4-hour 3D printed experience is our most detail-oriented offer.  With this workshop, you will have pre-arrival communication with Wesley from WildRock Co.  You will give input on your custom design, and have final approval of the design and chosen precious metal.  Upon your arrival, you will spend 4 hours learning how to clean up and polish your pre-cast design.  the option of gem setting is also available in this workshop.