Q: How do I know my ring size?

A: Use an online tool like what is found here.  The best option is to drop by a jeweler and ask for your size.


Q:  How long does my order take to arrive?

A:  Because every piece is made to order, timing can vary depending on what is being made and when.  Generally for any piece that is already shown on the website completion in 1-2 weeks and delivered one week after that is the standard.  Anything custom from scratch will have a custom delivery date as well.


Q: What materials will my WildRock Co. jewellery be made out of?

A: All items available online, in person, and through custom work are clearly described to the customer before purchase.  All pieces contain 100% pure precious metals as described /depicted and authentic gemstones are used where possible.  If for some reason it makes sense to use alternate or man-made materials You the customer will be informed from the start.