Our Gems & Metals

WildRock Co. strives to provide authentic precious and semi-precious gemstones wherever possible.  The end goal is to create pieces that incorporate nature and its wonders.  All authentic diamonds and other gemstones are from various reputable sources established by WildRock Co.'s head designer/gem setter.  


Generally, natural gemstones are preferred, however, if requested, diamond simulants and lab-grown gemstones are also available and are always CLEARLY described before a purchase.  Our moissanite's are a permanent diamond substitute for any setting or style.  Though Moissanite is a naturally occurring mineral, these gems are lab-created by Charles & Colvard the original creators of this flawless version.  They are also the biggest name in lab-grown brilliant moissanite.  WildRock Co. uses authentic C&C moissanite's ordered directly from the Charles & Colvard production facility. 

Moissanite has the same hardness as a real diamond, but with a brighter internal fire than real diamond.  These economical, socially sustainable, and durable gemstones are the perfect choice for any budget or conscious.


You can also keep green by reclaiming metal and gemstones from your own unwanted jewellery.  Let us transform the unwanted into your own personal treasure.