The Pegasus

The Pegasus

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The Pegasus


Available Precious Metals

-Sterling Silver

-10k Yellow Gold

-10k Rose Gold

-10k White Gold


U.S. Sizes 6-9 (Contact us for 1/2 sizes)


Band Size (size 7)

W x 3 mm

H x 2 mm


Pegasus is well known for being a heroic symbol of freedom and power in Greek mythology.  An immortal winged stallion, Pegasus also was the bearer of lightning for Zeus, amoung being instrumental in several major mythological battles.  After Poseidon, in the form of a horse, had an affair with the Gorgon Medusa, Perseus decapitated Medusa in battle.  Pegasus then sprung forth from her neck and was born into the mythological world. 

This ring encompasses the nobility and loyalty that is Pegasus' legend.  With your choice of solid sterling silver, 10k rose gold, 10k yellow gold, or 10k white gold this ring will last an eternity.  Make your Pegasus ring sparkle like the constellation by adding garnets or authentic diamonds.  Or make a special request for your favourite gemstone at no extra cost.


Immortal, Powerful, Trustworthy.


*Reminder that half sizes, alternate metals/karats and custom orders are all welcome.  Contact us at before ordering a custom piece.

*All pieces are solid precious metals and no plating has taken place unless CLEARLY stated.

*All product depictions are artist renderings.  All precious metals and gemstones are hand finished and set giving each piece its own unique characteristics.