The Siren Hooks

The Siren Hooks

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The Siren Hooks


Available Precious Metals

-Sterling Silver

-10k Rose Gold

-10k White Gold


 Available Alternative Gemstones

-Oval 7mm Charles & Colvard Moissanite x 2


Available Authentic Gemstones

-Oval 7mm Lemon Topaz x 2 

-Oval 7mm London Blue Topaz x 2


 Weight Per Earring

-3 grams 


The Siren Hooks are a modern-day version of the siren song of ancient Greece. These earrings have all the louring power of those mythical beings.  With sleek curves, effortless movement, and luminous gemstones, it's easy to be drawn into their mystery.   Made of solid sterling silver, 10k rose gold or 10k white gold, your inner Goddess is close at hand.  Choose which gemstone suits your mood with flawless colourless Moissanite, Lemon Topaz, or London Blue Topaz, and let these hooks call out to you.

Elegant enough for special occasions, yet refined for everyday wear.  


Mythical, Alluring, Radiant.


*Reminder that half sizes, alternate metals/karats and custom orders are all welcome.  Contact us at before ordering a custom piece.

*All pieces are solid precious metals and no plating has taken place unless CLEARLY stated.

*All product depictions are artist renderings.  All precious metals and gemstones are hand finished and set giving each piece its own unique characteristics.