A 3D Printer and WildRock Co.

You all know my last few months have been focused on WildRock.  Taking classes, and even dabbling in some work for competition sites, I've learned a lot so far.  I've been thinking about 3D printers (SLA) and how they can help WildRock take it to the next level.  The accuracy and ability to change a design on demand is something we can't deny.


Luckily Formlabs makes a very high tech SLA 3D printer that is geared towards Jewellers, Dentists, and desktop artists alike.

The Formlabs 2 has been ordered along with its specialty casting resin.

Hand-carved pieces will still be available for those who want it.  However, the Formlabs 2 will give freedom to rapid develop concepts, to make any WildRock design perfect.


So as we gear ourselves up with the much-needed skills to operate this machine, all we need is the doorbell to ring!

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